Manage your dedicated SMART service in a single click

You don't need to involve a system administrator, all the technical difficulties are handled by MiroHost.

The advantages of using a dedicated server with a Smart service

All the aspects of server administration (monitoring, software updates, backup) are taken by the Mirohost technical department.

Comfortable control panel

You don't need a system administrator for managing all of your services via our control panel.

Reliability is the key to success

A completely configured server, optimized like a Mirohost hosting platform is a good choice for high-loaded sites and systems.

The universal and intelligible site management control panel

Order a dedicated server with SMART service

File manager

Upload files, extract archives, edit pages, manage files or directories read or write permissions using the file manager

CMS installation

The automatic CMS provisioning feature allows you to easily create a website, blog, or internet shop. An installation routine takes less that a minute.

Websites detail statistics

Track the server resources usage, the amount of sites installed, disk space user, traffic statistics. All the data is availiable within the control panel.

Database management

Create unlimited amount of databases, add users and permissions, apply all the needed settings.

FTP/SSH access granting

Connect to your server using your favorite FTP manager. User adding or access granting doesn't require any deep knowledge.

Subdomains support

You can add a subdomain in a few seconds using the control panel. Setting an access or file uploading process are similiar to your main domain.

Access rights restriction

Additional restricted users can be created, having only those permissions that they need.

Cron task scheduler

Automate website or CMS routines using the Cron task scheduler.

Mail server management

Create an unilimited amount of mailboxes, manage users, use mail programs you are familiar with.

Backup copies

Access to recent 15 daily backup copies. Make changes on your website and be sure to have a possibility to restore website working copy.