Disk SSD
Domain names quantity
0.25 GHz
256 Mb
4 Gb
123 uah/month
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0.5 GHz
512 Mb
8 Gb
219 uah/month
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1.0 GHz
1024 Mb
16 Gb
282 uah/month
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2.0 GHz
2048 Mb
32 Gb
492 uah/month
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4.0 GHz
4096 Mb
64 Gb
894 uah/month
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8.0 GHz
8192 Mb
128 Gb
1683 uah/month
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16.0 GHz
16384 Mb
256 Gb
3141 uah/month
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32.0 GHz
32768 Mb
512 Gb
5823 uah/month
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Free 10x performance reserve


eVPS advantages

Your website will be working anytime: during an advertisement campaign when your site is flooded by visitors or during a DDoS attack or incorrect CMS setup which consumes all system resources. Our software monitors the actual server load and automatically increases your server's resources when it is necessary. The guaranteed server performance increasing is a service which we provide for free. If your server generates constant exceeding load we don't demand any additional payment for the past month but propose moving to an appropriate tariff plan since next month.

How does it work?

Elastic Virtual Private Server is a system resources virtualization technology which allows us to engage additional server resources during peak loads. eVPS provides to a completely isolated program environment with guaranteed amount of memory and computing resources. Any eVPS hosting consists of a certain amount of VSUs (Virtual Server Unit) which have a fixed resources and memory count. When site's load is growing, our system gives it additional VSUs needed for its workloads. This routine is fully automated, guaranteeing almost unlimited computing resources access.

Use the advantages of eVPS now

30-days trial

Free domain name*

By placing your project on a eVPS server you'll get a free domain name, it will be registered automatically. Your site will be available shortly after payment, with the domain name you have specified. Keys to it will be sent on your e-mail.

Dedicated IP address

Unlike a traditional webhosting which uses a single IP adress for hundreds of sites, eVPS has a dedicate IP address for the whole term of usage. This service guarantees your site not to be blocked or get into spam lists because of irresponsible webmaster whose site shares the same IP address with your one.

Server management control panel

Secure control panel developed by ourselves with an intuitive interface and rich feature set. Make and restore backups in one click, manage your mailboxes, provide access to other users, control your payments, view and track your server's resources usage.

Regular backup copies

All your sites are copied to the foreign datacenter on a daily basis. Every backup copy can be accessed within 15 days after it has been made. Experiment with your projects, make changes and be sure you're able to restore your site's working version.

Your mail is on a separate server

All the mail uses the dedicated, geographically separated servers. it doesn't matter if your site is working or not, your mail still is accessible. Make any count of mailboxes, manage users, use your favorite mail clients on a PC, tablet or mobile phone.

Ultra-fast SSD drives

Any fast pacing project demands not only a qualified optimisation but a powerful hardware. All our servers are equipped with last-generation SSD drives. Smooth and fast website makes a good reputation, is comfortable for visitors and search engines-friendly.

* Free domain in .ru, .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz,,,, or ukrainian regional domain zones