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Management of the hosting account and websites in the control panel


Узнайте о настройках контрольной панели и ознакомьтесь с инструкциями по управлению сайтами.

CMS installation in the Mirohost control panel


Using the Mirohost control panel you can install Joomla! or Wordpress CMS just in few clicks.

Cron (Task manager)


Cron is a task scheduler. With its help you can run tasks at certain times and with certain intervals.

Working with log files


Log files contain data about server work and keep certain user’s actions and programs.

FTP users creation and management


Step-by-step instruction how to create and manage FTP users in the Mirohost control panel.

SSH access


SSH access (without root) is granted in eVPS and SmartDedicated tariffs.

How to transfer a domain to you from another hosting provider?


In the following instruction you will found out how to transfer websites and their files onto Mirohost hosting.

Get free domain when paying for hosting


You can to get domain registration in one of the most popular domain zones for free.

What tariff plan is good for my website?


If you don’t know what tariff plan to choose, we recommend to order hosting testing period.

How to know current PHP version and settings on your hosting?


To know PHP settings on your hosting, you need to create any file with .php extension and to put some simple code inside.

What is hosting? What is it for?


Hosting is a rent of server space with permanent Internet access for your website and/or email.

How to restrict access to files


You can restrict access to certain website files by using the following instructions.

How to set connection using SSH?


To connect using SSH from Windows OS, we recommend to use Putty program.

Are there any restrictions of amount of FTP and HTTP connections?


Из соображений безопасности для FTP соединения установлены определенные лимиты. Ознакомьтесь с информацией.

What PHP versions are available on hosting?


Версию РНР можно выбрать при регистрации хостинг-пакета или изменить в контрольной панели.

Two-factor authentication


Two-factor authentication is set for all users of Mirohost control panel by default.

Mirohost hosting account registration


The step-by-step instruction to register a Mirohost hosting account

Profile and contact data of Mirohost user


Checking or changing data specified in client’s profile is available in Mirohost control panel.

How to change tariff plan of hosting service?


To change your tariff plan or services, make a request to technical support service.

How to raise the quota for the website?


Change your tariff plan to a more appropriate one, if you want to raise the quota for your website.

How to create custom error pages?


You can easily create your own error pages by the next configuration.

How to set a password on directories or files


You can set a password on the required directory or file, by using following instructions.

Rights of files and directories


Each file and directory kept on UNIX server has a number of rights.

301 redirect using .htaccess


Here we will tell about possible ways of 301 redirect setting using .htaccess file.

How to configure https for your website


HTTPS is a protocol which provide security and confidentiality during data exchange.

How to link hosting to website?


There are few ways to link hosting to domain. For more detail, read instruction.