Financial and legal issues

Terms of eVPS-test package use

  1. Ordering free eVPS-TEST package, you undertake the following conditions of its use and terms of Public agreement and Rules of service delivery of hosting provider MiroHost (hereinafter — the Provider).
  2. eVPS-TEST package is provided upon limited in time cost-free basis solely for the purpose of clients familiarization with the qualities and capabilities of eVPS virtual server on the MiroHost cloud-based platform.
  3. You are able to order no more than one eVPS-TEST package.
  4. In order to have an access to eVPS-TEST service you have to provide exact and truthful information about yourself. Provider’s specialists have the right to request documentary evidences of information provided at any time. Refusal of such data providing is considered to be refusal of the Provider’s proposition of free eVPS-TEST package providing.
  5. You undertake to use the service only for legitimate purposes and in legitimate way without infringing the rights of third parties.
  6. In case of violation of any specified conditions, the Provider reserves the right to stop providing services within free eVPS-TEST package with immediate effect and without warning and to delete all your data related to this package.

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