Technical information

MODX installation on Mirohost hosting

MODX installation

  • Step 4. Run the installation

Start the installation after files downloading and database creation. Enter, in browser address bar, where ‘’ is your website address. Select the system language.


Press ‘Select’

  • Step 5. Skip the start page by pressing ‘Next’


  • Step 6. Settings

On this stage you are able to select the type of installation. Select ‘New installation’, because you make a new website.


Press ‘Next’

  • Step 7. Specify database settings

  • Database type — keep it by default.

  • Database host — keep ‘localhost’ setting.

  • Database login name

  • Database password

  • Database name

  • Table prefix — keep by default or set yours.

Press ‘Test database server connection and view collations’ to make sure that data is correct.

  • Step 8. Database creation

If the test is successful, press ‘Create or test selection of your database’.

  • Step 9. Enter website admin data.

  • Administrator username

  • Administrator email

  • Administrator password

  • Confirm password


Press ‘Next’

  • Step 10. Installation report

At this stage you will get results of pre-installation checks


Press ‘Install’

  • Step 11. Read the installation report.


Press ‘Next’

  • Step 12. Delete the setup directory and files.

Make sure that this point is checked.


Press ‘Login’

  • Step 13. Login to the MODX admin panel with your login.


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