Technical information

CMS installation in the Mirohost control panel

Using the Mirohost control panel, you can install CMS just in a few clicks.

WordPress CMS installation

Step 1. Login to the Mirohost control panel

Step 2. Go to website management section and select the domain you need

Step 3. Select ‘CMS installation’ (mySQL management → phpMyAdmin).

Step 4. Appoint the path for WordPress installation.

  • Install website to root folder — in this case CMS will be available with the main domain.
  • Install website to subfolder — you can specify a directory name within domain.
  • Install website to subdomain — in this case your website will be available on the specified subdomain.

Note! If you want to install CMS into subdomain, you must use NS servers Mirohost or write the subdomain and IP address in your domain settings by A-record. You don’t have to create additional subdomain.


Step 5. Select the main website language.

Step 6. Enter the website name.

Step 7. Enter an email of the website owner.

Step 8. Select which database should be used. In our case, keep default settings.


Step 9. Website is ready for using.


Joomla! CMS installation

Joomla! CMS installation is similar with the process described above.

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