Technical information

SSH access

SSH access (without root) is granted with eVPS and SmartDedicated tariff plans.

Step 1. Login to the Mirohost control panel

Step 2. Go to website management section and select the domain you need

Step 3. Select ‘FTP/SSH management’ (Website management → FTP/SSH management).


Step 4. Go to ‘Add user’ section.

Step 5. Generate a name and a password.

Step 6. Select the ‘SSH’ user type.

Step 7. Press ‘Add’ and finish the creation.


Also, in response to increasing rates of mass password forcing to SSH accounts, we have imposed limits on SSH access. To get an SSH access you need to mark your IP address or addresses as allowed.

The addresses can be added by hosting control panel, ‘Website management’ section → ‘FTP management’ → ‘Restrict access’. Permits to access from any host don’t work for SSH.

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