Technical information

FTP users creation and management

Step 1. Login to the Mirohost control panel

Step 2. Go to website management section and select the domain you need

Step 3. Select ‘FTP/SSH management’ (Website management → FTP/SSH management). When the new website is registered, FTP user is created by default.

Step 4. Go to ‘Add user’ link.

Here also is the FTP server which is needed for connection.

add use ftp

Step 5. Generate a login and a password.

Step 6. Select the home directory.

Don’t change the settings if you want to keep access to the root directory.

Step 7. Press ‘Add’ and finish the creation.


Шаг 8. FTP account is successfully created.

Next you will see a notification about successful completion. Here you are able to delete user or change password.


Step 9. Allow access to FTP server.

Note! Basic settings allow ftp/ssh an access to website home catalogue only to file manager of the control panel. This security settings mean that you will not be able to connect server from your computer using FTP clients like FileZilla, Total Commander, ect.

There are the next variants of connections are mostly used:

  • add specified hosts — you can add needed IP addresses with which the access fo FTP will be allowed;
  • add my IP address — you can add IP address with which you have login to the control panel.

To open FTP access for all IP addresses is highly dangerous action.

Step 10. Save the settings and check FTP connection.


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