Technical information

How to set a password on directories or files

You can set a password on the required directory or file, by using following instructions. The user who requests this files or directories, will see 403 error. To enable password verification of files or directories on hosting, perform the following steps:

How to set a password on a directory

<files config.php="">
AuthType Basic
AuthName «This directory is protected»
AuthUserFile /pub/home/.htpasswd
Require valid-user

To set password, you need to create .htaccess file and add login-password pair in user:password form.

To set password on a directory by control panel

Manage users

  • Step 7. Go to ‘Manage access’ tab.

  • Step 8. Click ‘Add protected folder’ link.

Acces manage

  • Step 9. Select the directory you need to set a password to.

Password to

  • Step 10. Specify the name for protected resource.

  • Step 11. Select ‘For access the folder both rules must be respected’.

  • Step 12. Keep default values.

  • Step 13. Specify the name of created user, for whom the rule should be observed.

  • Step 14. Finish creation by pressing ‘Add’ button.