Technical information

Problems with website previews in Facebook

Oftentimes, Facebook doesn’t show website image or shows the wrong one. The problem occurs when Facebook saves cache of the wrong page, for example, without checking website changes, and uses the wrong image.

To fix that, you should go to

  • There is ‘Input URL’ line at the top of the page. Copy the address of your website and paste it to empty ‘Input URL’ line.
  • Next, press ‘Fetch new scrape information’. After that you will be able to see how your website looks on this page: what image and description will be seen. This information will be available in ‘When shared, this is what will be included’ section.
  • Press ‘Fetch new scrape information’ one more time. Problem must be already fixed and you will see right image.

Problem with image often occurs if there are some forbidden symbols in its name. In this case, you should rename the image, using the rules below.

Image name can contain only small latin characters and digits. Capital letters, russian characters, spaces are not allowed. Also you shouldn’t use hyphens and other symbols.

Check the name of loaded image. If there are forbidden symbols, rename the file. After changing the name, save changes. In order to do that you need to go to one more time.