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How to upload files on hosting?

There are few ways to load files to Mirohost hosting.

Uploading by control panel file manager

The fastest and easiest way of file uploading. In this case, you can upload archive and unpack it on the hosting. It will be much faster than uploading unpacked archive via FTP. This method is great for one-time file uploading. For example, for CMS installation. If you need to upload and download files regularly, use FTP client.

Files uploading via FTP

To upload files onto hosting via FTP client, you need to create FTP user and set the access. The best solution for newbies and common users. It’s used for regular uploads onto hosting. For more difficult processes (for example, files upload from one hosting to another), use access via SSH.

Files uploading via SSH

The method for experienced users. You need to set users with certain accesses in the control panel. Files uploading and unpacking is taken place within a console. This method requires some skills, but saves much time when working with files and folders.

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