Technical information

Information for new users

In this section, you can find information for beginning web developers.

Problems with website previews in Facebook

Facebook doesn’t show the website image or shows the wrong one. What to do?

What is hosting? What is it for?

Hosting is a rent of server space with permanent Internet access for your website and/or email.

How to link hosting to website?

There are few ways to link hosting to domain. For more detail, read instruction.

How to clear browser cache?

Website changes are not displayed? Try to clear browser cache.

How to clear DNS cache?

Problems with website displaying? Try to clear DNS cache.

How to upload files on hosting?

There are few ways to upload files to Mirohost hosting.

How to access to server with FileZilla

Download the latest version of FileZilla and make setup in the Mirohost control panel.

Rights of files and directories

Each file and directory kept on UNIX server has a number of rights.

Htaccess configuration file

.htaccess file (pay attention to the dot at the beginning of the name) is responsible for Apache web server configuration and allows to apply these settings to specific directories on server. Few task examples which can be performed by .htaccess file: Redirection from one page (domain, section) to another -Запретить загрузку файлов с внешних сайтов-

Restriction of files loading from external websites

Restriction of using direct links to your website.

How to restrict general access to website and open it for certain IP addresses

If you want to restrict general access to your website and open it only for certain users, use .htaccess settings.

How to create custom error pages?

You can easily create your own error pages by the next configuration.

How to create IP addresses blacklist

If you want to ban some user, use the following instructions.

How to restrict access to files

You can restrict access to certain website files by using the following instructions.

How to set a password on directories or files

You can set a password on the required directory or file, by using following instructions.

How to set connection using SSH?

To connect using SSH from Windows OS, we recommend to use Putty program.

301 redirect using .htaccess

Here we will tell about possible ways of 301 redirect setting using .htaccess file.

How to close website from search system indexing

During website developing it’s recommended to close it from search system indexing.

How to configure https for your website

HTTPS is a protocol which provide security and confidentiality during data exchange.

How to know current PHP version and settings on your hosting?

To know PHP settings on your hosting, you need to create any file with .php extension and to put some simple code inside.