Technical information

Mirohost F.A.Q

How to find out your Mirohost account service code?

Account service code is the digital ID of Mirohost client.

Phone number or email is lost

Lost your phone number of your hosting account? Contact us.

What tariff plan is good for my website?

If you don’t know what tariff plan to choose, we recommend to order hosting testing period.

eVPS and its benefits

eVPS is virtualization of system resources which allows to use additional server capacities during peak workload periods.

How to get hosting test period (eVPS)?

You can order eVPS service as test period of hosting for 30 days. Testing server works without any restrictions.

Server administration (Admin panel + Smart)

Mirohost technical service takes all the cares connected with the administration of dedicated server.

How to change tariff plan of hosting service?

To change your tariff plan or services, make a request to technical support service.

How to get root access?

Only the owner of dedicated server is able to get root access. You will get all data to your email after installation.

How long my website backups are kept?

You are able to restore your website for one of the daily backups from the last 15 days.

How to suspend services?

To suspend services of hosting account, contact technical support.

How to raise the quota for the website?

Change your tariff plan to a more appropriate one, if you want to raise the quota for your website.

Is it possible to disable two-factor authentication in hosting control panel?

For security purposes there is no such possibility. Two-factor authentications is enabled by default.

How to transfer a domain to you from another hosting provider?

In the following instruction you will found out how to transfer websites and their files onto Mirohost hosting.

Get free domain when paying for hosting

You can to get domain registration in one of the most popular domain zones for free.